Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wet n Wild - On a Trip and Designs AND Comments About this new brush shape

I came across a swatch of Wet n Wild's On a Trip online and fell in love, I just had to have it. So the next time I went to Walgreens I picked up a bottle. And let me just say, on my nails it is as beautiful as it was on that blog. 

On a Trip - a purple creme polish, though it is leaning toward the cool side. There isn't exactly a blue undertone, but it isn't completely purple either. A diifficult polish to name. 2 coats to full opacity and to get to the color in the bottle. These pictures are without topcoat.

Closest to color in real life

Now this is one of those polishes that has those "specially designed brushes", they are thicker brushes that have a bit of a curve to the end. You can see the sticker there on the bottle. Most people have complained about these brushes being too big and bulky, that they made a mess and that they were hard to work with. 
For me, it was the complete opposite! I found the curved end was the exact curve of my cuticles and thus, made it much easier to not make a complete mess all over there, and I actually managed to not paint all over my cuticles, which I usually do. Also, the wider brush allowed to paint my nails in fewer strokes. I made less of a mess with this brush than I usually do, even painting with my left hand. I really don't know what the problem is, and I can see more companies switching to this brush because IT WAS EASIER!!

I also did a bit of a design on top of this with one of the Color Club glitters that I got; unfortunately, these do not have names. I talked about them here however: Color Club Glitters
I used the one that has the pink and blue glitters. 

I got WetnWild for $1.99 from Walgreens and the Color Club I got in a pack of 7 for $7.99

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