Sunday, October 14, 2012

MASH 2012 Plates - Review and Pictures

These are actually my first plates, I decided on the MASH 2012 plates because they seemed to have the widest variety of designs and the the best reviews for the price. Also, most bloggers said that these would be the best plates for beginning stampers because they do have such a wide variety of designs and are easy to work with. 

These are MASH plates, numbers 26-50. They did come packaged well; they were indivually wrapped and had the protective blue cover, so they were not going to get scratched at all during shipping! 
They also have the paper backing so they don't have sharp edges, I didn't have a problem pulling off the cover at all; most people say they cut themselves, but with the backing it was super easy! 

Now to some images!

You do need to remove this cover from the plates or they will not work. 

Now on to viewing the plates!

Image 35, I could not get this one to photograph for the life of me!

These are all just such great images and patterns! I have so many ideas for them! 
I also like that they have a very wide variety of styles, like so many people say; from animals to floral, geometric, elemental, it really has it all! 
It even has full nail designs, tips, and small sigal images. I didn't even notice the tips before I bought it, I was just looking at all of those gorgeous full nail designs! 
I also bought one Konad plate along with this that I will be reviewing at a later time. 
But of course along with this wonderful pictures I've got to know how it stamps, right?
I bought a Konad Double Ended stamper to go along with this, because I've heard from like everyone that nothing really works except a Konad stamper. So I'll be using that to practice my stamping as well as show you guys how well these work. 
I'll start with my polishes I know will stamp, like Sinful Colors Black on Black, most of the Sally Hansen line, and more! 
(Actually SC Black on Black did not seem to stamp very well for me, it was not very pigmented.)

I used MASH-39 here, Pure Ice Taupe Drawer for base color and Sinful Colors Let's Talk for stamping. 
I didn't get the print exactly straight on my nails.. But I think it came out okay. This was my absolutely first time stamping on nails! 
I do really like stamping, it's really easy to get the designs out and you don't have to worry about doing them by hand with acrylic, which can be very time consuming. This took me about an hour because I kept messing up the stamp and taking it off; I used OoohShinies method of taking off the stamp while still leaving the base coat there (link below). 
It also took awhile to find a color that worked with Taupe Drawer and still stamped good... 

For help with my stamping, I looked at these very helpful posts: by Rebeccalikesnails and OoohShinies. They do have great tips in all aspects and make it very easy to just pick up my plates and begin, they wrote everything I need to know, from where to buy everything to what I'll need to what not to do.

I bought these plates online, off of Amazon, for $15.99 + free shipping, they were such a steal!

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