Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soft Pastel Hair Color

I know that my blog is dedicated to nails and such, but I just wanted to get this down. 
For the first time, I tried using this method to temporarily dye my hair using soft pastels. You can go here and  here for more intricate details on how to dye your hair using this method, the first link is more helpful in my opinion because it does have a video with it, but the second has some tips for blondes. 

First of all, I used some soft pastels that I bought from Micheals craft store a long time ago, so I don't remember the price of them, it was cheap though, like around $3-5 for the whole pack of 24 colors. The brand name is Loew Cornell, and it does come with some great vibrant colors. 
I didn't get any pictures of my hair finished (it didn't come out well). 

To start out this process, I highly recommend getting gloves! 
I didn't use any and my hands were dyed red by the end of this process, even after multiple washes. (I used the red pastel color to dye my hair). 
Also, where old clothing because the chalk dust will get everywhere. It was all over my face too. Lol. Make-up remover took care of that though. 

Now for my experience with this: 
I did a dip dye type of dye method, where I kind of just put red coloring on all of the bottom ends of my hair. For the most part it looked okay. The chalk really dried out my hair, however, and it made it really tangled. 
And even after I "set" the chalk with a flat iron, it was still coming off onto my skin. Hence why my face was all red, along with my shoulders, neck, back, and hands. Someone mentioned that it looked like I had a sunburn.
The color did wash out the first time though and the dryness did go away with a ton of condition the first time as well. 

If I do try this again, I definitely won't be using so much chalk all at one time; I'd just do streaks like the first above link. 
I believe it was mentioned in the first link that I could use hairspray as well to set the chalk, I may try that as well because I did skip this step before; to see if it will help with keeping the color in. 

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