Monday, October 22, 2012

Forget You!

I stopped by Icing the other day for the first time in forever and picked up a few polishes; they were having a buy 1 get 1 half off sale. 

I got my hands on this polish: Icing Forget You, among others. 

Forget You - a pretty purple with a prominent blue shimmer. I love this colors, but the formula was a little had to work with, which made it not so great. It was kind of runny, but still thick? Is that even possible, this polish managed. It was very streaky and tacky. But the second coat did manage to cover this up. However when the second coat when on it became somewhat congealed, I don't know, kind of gritty almost. It was very difficult to get smooth and even after the finish still felt a little gritty. 2 coats to full opacity, but some needed 3 coats to battle the weird formula. But it is a beautiful color so I'll try this one again. 

$4.50 at Icing, but it was buy one get one 50% off. 

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