Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Product Review: Sally Hansen Grow Nails Now

I started using this product, Sally Hansen Grow Nails Now, about a month and a half ago and I have to say it is amazing!
I have tried many products in the past to try and beat the many problems with my nails, and this one has definitely been the best. 
My problems include: peeling, weakness, thin, and nails that won't grow because they break before they get too long. But this product has made a significant difference! I have noticed that the peeling has gone away on all of my fingers except for my right index finger and thumbs (probably because I still use those fingers as tools...) and my finger nails are getter a tad stronger and will actually grow now! Granted I will have one finger nail that will break at the edge and then I'll cut them all down to that length, but that it is a lot better than them all breaking down to the point of bleeding before they even have a chance to really stop bleeding in the first place. 

This product is designd to for the treatment of short, brittle, damaged, and problem nails. 
Now thinking about it, I don't really have brittle nails; but this product still helped me significantly. 

I am not affiliated with Sally Hansen, so I do not, in any way, have a bias towards this company. 
This is a purely objective point-of-view from a satisfied buyer. 

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