Sunday, September 23, 2012

Teal Swatch and Flowers

I just bought a whole bunch more polishes, and wanted to show them off, unfortunately it is going to be a bit slow... My schedule has been so hectic lately and I am not much of a fan of putting on a polish just to swatch it then taking it off. I want to wear it for at least one day because I am buying them... 

But anyway. Today I am swatching Milani Mint Candy. I bought it at Walmart for about $3.50, but it is also sold at other retailers such as Walgreens, Target and CVS, just for a bit more money. Though actually I think it's cheaper at Target? I'm not sure, I don't shop there a lot. 

Mint Candy - This is a dusky turquoise/teal color, in some lights you can see the turquoise shimmer in it, but indoors or when there is minimal lighting it isn't as noticable. I still really love it though. As for it being called mint, I think it's a bit too dark for that.

You can see the shimmer a little bit here.

And here.

I also put flowers on this polish just because I'm a little tired of just doing swatches. 

Polishes Used: Milani Mint Candy, Pure Ice Taupe Drawer (for the Pink), Sally Hansen French White Tip.

Pure Ice - Approx. $1.97 (Wal-Mart)
Sally Hansen French Tip - Approx. $5.00 (for the kit, Wal-mart)

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