Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dotted Purple

I swear this is the last time that I'll do this! Probably not... 
But I haven't had much time on my hands to do an actually full manicure with school and work and stuff, that to keep posting at least on a kind of regular basis I've just been making designs over my swatches. 

This one I got kind of lazy on, I wanted to do dots, and I thought I might do a gradient, but when I looked at my purples I'm missing a color in between to make the colors look cohesive. 
So I just used two colors and did them in two different sized dots radomly. I also still haven't gotten my dotters, so this was done with a small paint brush. 

Colors used: Base - Sinful Colors Let's Talk 
Darker Dots - Revlon Grape Icy
Lighter Dots - Revlon Gum Drop

The Revlon nail polish is their scented line and I will do a review on this line, or at least these two nail polishes, a bit later. 

Sinful Colors - $.99 (On sale, Walgreens)

Revlon (Both) - $3.27 each (Wal-mart)

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