Sunday, September 23, 2012

Navy and Gold

I did another french tip mani today, but with a little bit of a twist. I did do an accent nail, as I usually do, to spice things up a little bit. 
But I took a picture of my right hand, instead of my left this time, because it turned out better. 

Polishes used: 
For the navy - Milani Sail Away
For the gold - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Golden-I (or Golden-l)
I don't know if the last letter in the name of the Sally Hansen polish is an upper case I or a lower case L.... 
But anyway, the Milani went on great; it was a little thick, but it did only need one coat and dried super quick, so by the time I was done painting my nails and clean-up I was able to put the tapes down and start with the gold. There was no wait time there. 
The gold was a little bit trickier. It was thick as well, and wanted to goop up at the tips of my nails, especially on my ring finger, which is why I decided to take a picture of my right hand. My left hand; the ring finger looks pretty bad. When I put the top coat on, the polish wasn't nearly dry enough because it had gobbed on near the tips and when I put the top coat on, the polish bled a little into the stripes. But it a very vibrant gold, just a little tricky to work with and, as you can see I was able to get it to work for my right hand, once I knew how it was going to work; this had been my very first time using this polish. 

Milani - Approx. $3.27 (Wal-mart)
Sally Hansen - Buy 2 for $5 or 1 for $2.99 (Walgreens)

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