Friday, September 28, 2012

Ross Department Store Haul

I just recently found out that Ross sold nail polishes; I honestly had no clue! I had never seen them before, though going to my local Ross, I can see why I never knew. They didn't have a very big selection, though what they did have was pretty good. 
They do have Color Club there, which I have been unable to find anywhere else, so I was happy to see those there. 
Everything they sold came in packs, but for the price it was worth it, even if you didn't like a few colors. Because they came in packs of about 7 polishes or so, but were only about $6-$8 each so for that price if you don't like two or three polishes you are still getting for polishes for only $6. 

First off, I got a Color Club pack, it doesn't have a name anywhere on it, but they are all just glitters of different colors. They all have a clear base as well. This was a pack of seven, the seventh polish was a clear coat. 

The first is a silver small sized glitter. There are also a little bit of turquoise, green, pink, yellow, blue and other assorted colors in this glitter to give it more of a holo effect, but over all it is silver and the holor is very minimal. I haven't tried it on yet and I will hopefully have swatches soon. 

Next, a light blue small sized glitter. This one also has different colored glitter: silver, blue, pink, green, yellow. 

This one is a red small sized glitter. This is actually the only one in the collection that doesn't have any other colors in its glitter, but I actually like that. In my opinion, it would have ruined the look of the glitter if they had added all those different colors to this one. And I have worn this one! So I will be posting pictures of this soon. 

This glitter is a darker blue than the first with pink small sized glitter (they are both small glitter). I put that it is two colors, because both the pink and blue are about even in how much is in the bottle, though if I had to choose a predominant color I would have to say it looks more blue just because it is darker and stands out more. This one also has the little bits of turquoise, green, yellow, just for a little bit of shine. 
I would have to say that this is my favorite out of the whole collection. 

Next is a light pink small sized glitter. This one has bits of silver that stands out when you look closely, and then this one also has the other colors in it as well, but only when you really look close and are looking for them. 

And lastly! This was a bright gold small sized glitter. This one also has all the different colors in it that are a bit obvious when the light hits it, at least in the bottle. 

Unfortunately, none of these polishes had names on them, so I can't tell you there names other than they are Color Club brand. 
For these 7 polishes I paid $7.99 at Ross.

I also bought a brand named L.A. Colors, now I had never heard of this brand so I didn't really expect much for this... But I did a quick run over my nails with each color when I was out eating with my mom and they were actually pigmented! I did have a problem with the white that is in this pack though, it was very streaky and just would not cooperate, but the other polishes were great. Oh, and the beige that is in here is way too close to my skin tone so it doesn't even show up, but it's not that it's sheer, it's just that it is ractically my exact skin tone. 
These were a pack of 7 and were a mix of shimmers and cremes.

The brushes are very thin on this brand, so they are little bit harder to work with. All of the polishes were pigmented and went on very well, except for the white. They have a little emblem on the back of all of their polishes and their package that states that they are cruelty free as well. Which is a plus. 

First, the white. It is a creme. That's pretty much all I have to say. 

Next is a beautiful silvery beige shimmer. The beige isn't very prominent at first but when I was trying them on my nails, the silver kind of fell to the side and the brown-ish color really stood out, this color is so hard to discribe... At first I didn't think much of this color, but when I was trying them on I fell in love and now it's one of my favorites of the collection. 

This one is the beige creme. It does go on well it's just too close to my skin color for me to even see it. 

This one is another of my favorites. It is a very cool blue shimmer. 

This one actually took me by surprise, I didn't expect to like this one but I did. It's a very pale shimmery green. I don't tend to like greens, but this one is so light and refreshing. 

This one is lavender creme, that's about all I can say. I actually bought this pack just for this one polish, because I did love it. But once I got it home I found out that I had so many other polishes like it, but not exactly. Like, Milani Violet Dash or Wet n Wild On a Trip. 

Lastly, this is my least favorite of the bunch. I hate pinks... This is a barbie pink creme. Enough said. 

None of these had names as well... 
I bought all these 7 polishes for $5.99 from Ross. 

And last I bought a pack of Wet n Wild. These did have names! 
This one only had a pack of 6. 

The first in this pack was a deep purple shimmer. The name is Dysturbia. I also got this home and found it a bit similar to Maybelline Pum Paradise, just the Wet n Wild was a bit darker and more of a burgendy color. 

Second, the name is Milk. This is kind of an off white color. I haven't tried it on yet to know how sheer it will go on. 

The next two look very similar. The one to the left, Hush Hush is a creme and a bit lighter; where as the one to the right, Break the Ice is a bit draker with a shimmer. These are also an off white color, but much lighter than Milk. I also haven't tried these on to know how sheer they are. 

Next is a very bright red creme, Red Tape. This one is very bright. 

And last is a black with a copper micro glitter in it, Blackmail. This is my absolute favorite from this collection. The copper glitter is so different and stands out when you get it on your nails, really amazing color. 

This Collection includes, from left to right: 
Disturbia, Milk, Hush Hush, Break The Ice, Red Tape, Black Mail
I got this pack for $2.99 from Ross. 

In the end, I found all of these polishes to be amazing. And to have gotten 20 polishes for less than $20, that is amazing!
I will be shopping at Ross again. I hope they have a bigger selection of Color Club next time. Lol.  

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