Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rimmel and Color Club

I wanted to do something with the glitter top coats that I just got, so I came up with this. 
I used Rimmel Londoon Lasting Finish Pro - Burgundy Flirt as the base color and Color Club's red sparkle that doesn't have a name on the bottle for the tips. 

Burgundy Flirt - this polish does seem like a jelly polish to me, though I have never used one, so I cannot say for sure. It was a bit difficult to work with, it was on the thin side and needed three coats to get to the color in the bottle and it still showed my nail line. Though, when I brought this to a salon for them to put this on my toes for a pedicure, they did thin this down, so your's may be completely different! I also have had this polish for a couple of years. 
In different lights, this red does look different, though most typically it is a very deep color like the last two pictures. 

Color Club - just red sparkles. They are small sized and went on very well, one coat got very good coverage. 

Rimmel London is most typically $2-$2.50 at Walmart but that price sometimes flactuates if it is on sale. 

I got this Color Club in a pack of 7 polishes for $7.99 from Ross. 

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