Friday, September 14, 2012

Stained Nails

So I got stained nails a few polishes ago, when I had on the Avon polish because I didn't have a base coat. 
So my nails have been pretty ugly for about a week or two now and I've just been covering it up with more polish. Until now! 

I'll show you what I did step-by-step and what I used to get rid of my stained nails, for the most part.
And before and after pictures, so you can compare how they looked. 

(Left Hand)

(Right Hand)

So now on to what I used to get rid of this horrible green staining. 

This photo shows non-acetone nail polish remover, a small cup to put it in, a scrub brush,  a buffer/shine, cuticle oil, cuticle pusher, cutcle cutter, nail streghtener base coat, and hand cream; while not all of these things lead to removing stained nails, I thought I should add them in because it is part of the routine. 

First, I poured the a small amount of the non-acetone in the cup, which was only big enough to hold one hand at a time, and then soaked my fingers from 3-5 minutes. After this, while my fingers were still a little wet with the acetone I scrubbed them with the brush. And repeat with the other hand. 

Second, I buffed my nails with the nail buffer; this is the part that actually showed the most results. And then using the other side of the buffer (the side that is actually shown in the picture and says Revlon Crazy Shine) start to polish the nails or shine them. This will actually make your nails so shiny that it will look like your nails almost have a clear coat on them. 

Now the staining on my nails is practically gone. 
(Left Hand)

(Right Hand)

These pictures are after I cut my nails, filed them down, and cut the cuticles. 

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