Saturday, September 15, 2012

Revlon Saucy

I fell in love with a post that I found a bit ago, that I ca't quite remember who made... But it had a Zoya nail polish called Carrie Ann in it. Needless to say that I just had to go out and find this polish. 
Well no one around here sells Zoya, unfortunately, but I think I did find something similar. 
I found: 

Saucy - A bright red with a gold shimmer in it. The polish is less orange in real life and more red, but with the gold in it, the camera wanted to make it go orange I guess... But it is a definite red and not orange at all. This polish did go on very smooth with only two coats. 

This is what Carrie Ann looks like: 
(image pulled off google)

Revlon - Appox. $5 (Walgreens)

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