Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gold and Red

I finally used my striping tapes! 
But I got lazy and just used the red polish that I posted the other day. (Revlon Saucy) 
The tape was a lot harder to apply than I had origanlly thought. It wasn't very sticky, so obviously it didn't want to stick to my nails, but of course eveything else. When I finally got it onto my nails and in the right place and moved onto start painting some of the tape had started to lift, and I hadn't noticed. So my right hand is pretty messed up, because I had done that one last so the tape had plenty of time to be good and lifted. My left hand is still pretty good except for my pinky finger. Next time I will have to be wary of this. 

But I just put the tapes down in a cross pattern on all my nails, except for my ring fingers; there I just did typical french tips for something different and to show more of the red. 
I was going to do red french tips on the rest of the nails, for more color, but then I decided not to... I liked this look too much. 
The gold polish is Essie Good as Gold.
My firsy Essie polish ever! And I must say that I do like it, worth the price definitely. It went on with only one coat, even over the red and dried very quickly. I half expected it to start crackling with how it went on, because the formula reminded me of my crackle polishes; they go on thick and dry fast.

Essie - $8 (Walgreens, it is cheaper at Wal-mart)
Revlon - Approx. $5 (Walgreens)

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