Monday, September 17, 2012

Problems with Seche Vite and Mirror Metallics Essie

So I read online somewhere that there was a problem with the Essie Mirror Metallics not reacting well to Seche Vite Top Coat, and after my last post I'm afraid to have to confirm it. 
After my last ppost with Essie Good as Gold, it didn't even last one day before it had started chipping. I did use a Seche Vite top coat as well. 

The weird part was, because I had put it over the Revlon Saucy that I had been wearing for a couple of days and of course that had been chipping; part of the reason I had put GaG on top of it, was that the GaG seemed to pull back as soon as I put the top coat on to where the Saucy had started chipping, only on one finger (the one that had chipped the worst). So I thought I had done something wrong. But then a few hours later, maybe 5-6, my middle finger and thumb started chipping pretty bad. 

I only have Good as Gold, so I can't test them all to see if the others have adverse results to SV, but I have read that they all do. 
I heard that London Butter or something Butter works just fine with this brand. 

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