Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Greens

I've been on a green kick lately, and before the other day I had only owned one green polish! Well, now I only have three...

But today I tried something a little bit different. I layered my polishes, I didn't really know how this would turn out because I had never used the top polish before and I hadn't even looked at swatches of it before. 

Here I am wearing Sinful Colors Let Me Go and Sinful Colors Last Chance.

Last Chance - a dark, creme green that goes on very smooth. It did go on very smooth, but unfortunately I got a bottle that the brush was a little bit messed up and flared at the bottom; I am seriously considering returning it for this reason because it was difficult to apply. It went on with only one coat.

Let Me Go - it has a pearlized sheen, and actually looks purple in the bottle, but this color goes on very thin and only gives the color beneath it a kind of pearl look. It did make the dark green lighter and gave it an almost duo-tone. It did bring a yellow into the green as well, and put a little shimmer. 
When it rounds to the edges of the nails (the shadows), in some lights it almost looks deep blue but in others it still looks like the deep green that Last Chance originally was. 

(After Let Me Go is added)

I will use Let Me Go on top of more polishes to show the different effects that it has on different colors and such. 
Here is the bottle of let me go so you can see what it looks like, it definitely has a purple tone to it in the bottle, but as you can see on my nails the purple doesn't show up at all.

Sinful Colors - $.99 each (on sale Walgreens)

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