Thursday, September 6, 2012

Avon Suede Dupe?

Using one of my Avon crackles I tried making a suede polish with it. There are a few things that I would have done differently now that I have gone through the process, just because I know how the polish works now. 
I have also never seen a suede before in person, so I don't actually know what they are supposed to look like, I'm assuming that they are just a shimmery matte.

With the polish being a crackle, I couldn't use a base coat so the ridges on my nails are a bit more pronounced. To avoid this next time, I'm going to try putting a top coat on top of the polish and then another matte top coat to get the matte finish back. And then doing this, hopefully the polish will last longer because it did start chipping off after just a few hours. 

Also, I didn't get all of my base coat off, because I generally put on a strgthening base coat on the night before and then choose my nail color and do my nails the next morning so it did end up cracking in a few places on my right hand, and showing my nails underneath. 

It also went onto my nails a bit chunky, I attribute that to it being a crackle and me not taking of my base coat all the way; either that or it might have been how quickly it dried and the fact that I had put two rather quick coats on, but it dried so quickly that when I swept the brush acrossed it had already started clumping.

I used the polish: Avon Mosaic Effects Gleaming Emerald.

I didn't get very good pictures before it chipped off... The polish is actually a deep green. I tried to get a dupe of OPI's Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow (Suede), because I do love the look of that polish, from what I've seen from swatches, but it is quite difficult to find or really expensive. 
I will swatch this polish again now that I know how it reacts, and I will get better pictures so you guys can see how it stacks up to OPI's suede. Though I don't have OPI's shade for a side by side comparrison. 

Avon - Approx. $3 (on sale Avon Booth)

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