Friday, August 24, 2012

Milani Yellow Whiz

In this I am just wearing Milani Yellow Whiz. It is a very bright yellow. 
The bottle says that it is a "fast dry", it did dry quite fast. Faster than most polishes anyway and I didn't put a quick dry top coat on top of it. 

I didn't do anything special with my nails today. In a few days I am going to update this post with pictures of me putting China Glaze Fairy Dust over this yellow to see how it looks because it may tone down how bold this color is and add a bit of sparkle. 

I did add that Fairy Dust to the manicure that I had in the very first post that I have here. It looks absolutely wonderful on top of black. I would've posted pictures, but my camera doesn't pick up the fine sparkles. It does have pink, blue, green, and gold very fine sparkles in it. Though it does make your polish a bit dull because as you might be able to see from the bottle, the actual polish is a bit grey, it's not completely clear. 
But I will post pictures when I put it on this yellow.


I finally got the Fairy Dust on this polish.
And I was right it did tone down the yellow quite a bit.
I don't know if I like it all that much.. I think the Fairy Dust is more suited towards darker polishes. On this one, it almost makes the polish look dirty, in my opinion anyway.
My camera didn't really want to pick up the little sparkles.. I tried everything. But right now it's getting dark so I can't sit next to a window; I'm just using a lamp. You can see them really good in the bottle and a little bit on my ring and pnky finger... But these pictures do not do this polish justice. It has a ton of little sparkles that catch the light, like they do in the bottle.
But what makes the yellow polish look dirty, is that there are also a little bit of grey fleck in there too that doesn't sparkle. I didn't pick that up when I had it on Sally Hansen Black Platinum, and that could also have been what made it look a little bit dull.

Milani - Appox. $4 (Walgreens)
China Glaze - Approx. $5 (on sale Sally Beauty Supply)

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