Thursday, August 30, 2012

China Glaze - Luxe and Lush

I finally got China Glaze Luxe and Lush in the mail yesterday! So instead of completely redoing my nails, I just put it on the nails that I already had done because they hadn't chipped yet. 
I had on Sinful Colors Midnight Blue which I talked about here

Luxe and Lush - is a polish that  you really need to wear over another color. It's a very large glitter that is foil, if that makes sense... They're foil pieces to make up the polish. They foils are a gold sheen and a pearl-ish opal that change colors as the light hits them.
When I went to put this on, I was dabbing it on at first and it made it go on really thick, as you can see. But on my right hand, which I don't have pictures of, I started to just paint it on like I would a normal polish and it went on much more scattered, and in my own opinion, I like the look better.
The pictures did not capture how beautiful this polish really is!

When I put this polish on however... When I went to put on the clear topcoat, which you will need one because the foil is kind of chunky, but the polish wasn't dry yet.. Well, the blue polish ran over the Luxe and Lush polish a bit! 
Now let me remind you, I have had the blue polish on my nails for a few days now, so I didn't even think that it would have wet it again. 
But now the little foils have a little sheen of blue now. I would prefer that they didn't because it did take away from the shine, but keep this in mind when putting on a top coat. 

Sinful Colors - $1.99 ( Walgreens)
China Glaze - Approx. $4.50 (Amazon)

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