Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top Polishes of 2012

These polishes may not necessarily have been released during the year 2012, but I have either bought them or just recently worn them throughout this year and absolutely fell in love with them. I don't have swatches for them all, but I do hope to soon, because of the hassle throughout the holidays I was wearing polishes, but I wasn't able to take pictures of them before they got ruined.
But overall, these are the polishes that I fell in love with this year and I could not live without! It makes me want two bottles! They're not in any particular order.

1. Color Club - Magic Attraction
(I didn't actually have a name on this bottle, but I looked up swatches online and this was identical. I can only assume this is the color I have.)
This is a silver glitter packed with a holo effect. It is opaque on your nails in just two-three coats, so you don't even need a base! I had this on my nails and I just could not stop looking at my nails. I wore this for New Years and it was just perfect with how shimmery it was even in the dark.

2. Nina - Purple Xing
I just bought this so I haven't worn it on my nails yet, but I swatched it on my nail wheels and it is just gorgeous! I was a little weary about this one because of how much glitter appears to be in, while still being a polish, but it was opaque withing two coats while still showing a significant amount of glitter.

3. Wet n Wild - Tropicalia
I wore this the other day and it the perfect bright, hot pink! It's a bright pink while still being warm so it compliments the skin tone very nicely. I was pleasantly surprised by this polish. I was looking for a dupe for Icing Fifi because mine is old and gloopy, but now that I've found this polish, which is not that much different just warmer and a tad darker, I can't stop looking!

4. Milani - Mint Candy

I love love LOVE this polish. It is the perfect turquoise with a beautiful turquoise shimmer in it!

5.Sinful Colors - Winterberry
I'm actually wearing this color right now as I'm typing this. I wasn't expecting much from this polish, but because it's from the winter collection (I think), I figured I would try it because I wasn't sure if I would be able to buy it again if I changed my mind. Boy am I glad I bought it!

6. Sally Hansen - Golden-I
This is definitely my go to gold. I don't really reach for any others though I have plenty. It stamps well, it has a great shimmer in it, and it's opaque. What more could you ask for from a polish?

7. Wet n Wild - On a Trip
This is just a beautiful purpleish blue creme. I feel in love with this as soon as I saw swatches of it online.

8. Revlon - Saucy

This is my go to red! I had a billion reds and this is just about the only one I use! I love the gold shimmer that it has in it and how bright the red is; very festive. (Don't judge my picture, this was one of my first swatches done on here)

9. Sinful Colors - Folly
This is another very bright, warm pink; though much darker than Tropicalia. This one leads a bit more red, and even in some lights looks down right red. I like how warm it is and it looks marvelous with my skin tone.

10. Wet n Wild - I Need a Refresh-Mint

I loved this color as soon as I saw it in the bottle. It's so calm and refreshing, holding true to it's name! I like wearing lighter colors much more than darker colors so of course this one would be in my top ten!

I absolutely love color on my nails! As you may be able to tell from my top ten.
I actually have very few dark colors, and what I do have, they are mostly for stamping.

Let me know what your fave polishes were!


  1. MAgic Attraction is lovely xD

    Anyway I wanted to post my reply here on your blog...
    "Hard Candy is sold exclusively at Walmart stores (YMMV), and I have heard mid February dates through around, but I cannot be sure of that. I have emailed them, but have yet to get an answer back. Try tweeting them if anything~"

    Good luck finding them :)

    1. Thank you for replying back to me. :)
      And I figured Walmart would be the only place, but I heard that they only sold their standard lines. Walmart doesn't really show collections, but I'll keep a look out, thank you!

      And I do love Magic Attraction! It's my favorite silver. :)