Friday, November 9, 2012

Pink Tips and a New Kitty!

I did another french tip design using my Sally Hansen french manicure set, though I didn't use the polish that were included, only the tapes. The tapes are so easy to use and have the little bit of curve, I do highly recomend them! I believe I bought them around two dollars for 60? I don't remember, I bought them awhile ago. 
I also used fimo canes for the first time, I bought them pre-cut because that was all that was available at my local Sally Beauty Supply. I think I bought a wheel of them for about $3-4. Again, I bought them awhile ago, so I don't remember exactly. 
First time using rhinstones too! I bought a wheel of these too at Icing, when I bought the polishes. These where also buy one get one half off along with the polishes. They were $4.50. 

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - Pretty Petunia (Base Color)
Avon - Retro Rose (Tip Color)

The Sally Hansen polish my mom got so I have no clue how mush it is.. I think she got it at the local farmers market, so it would have been cheaper than the drugstores. 
And the Avon polish my mom also got, but I think it's around $2-3. 

And my new kitty! 
I got her from the local shelter, so she is a bit older; she's about eight months old. 
She loves cuddling but hates my dogs. lol. 
There she is on my bed. Her name is Willow. 
And she already lost that collar, I have no clue where it is... 

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