Monday, November 12, 2012

Black and Gold Tribal

I used some more of my stamping plates here, and I did actually have a hard time finding a polish that would show up on top of black, so I just stuck with my gold polish. And even that didn't really show up all that well before I put on a matte top coat, the gloss from the Seche Vite really hid the details of the design. (As you can see in the first picture)

The first picture is of my hand, because the image actually came out a little crooked. I did line it up straight but when I stamped it the stamp came down crooked onto my nail, but I actually like that lineup better than it being straight on. But I had already done my left hand.. And I didn't really feel like doing it over. 
I still need to work on placement and getting the stamp straight on my nails. 

Also, my nails are too short, so this whole stamp image didn't fit on my nails. I kind of wish that it was either smaller so it would fit, or my nails were longer.. Lol 

(Image Used)

Seche Vite Topcoat

Matte Topcoat

Matte Topcoat

Polished Used:
Wet n Wild Fast Dry - Ebony Hates Chris
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Golden-I 
Hard Candy Matte Topcoat

Plate Used:

Wet n Wild I got from Walgreens for about $2, Sally Hansen I got from Walgreens as well for about $2.50 and the Hard Candy topcoat I got from Walmart for $4.00
And Seche Vite topcoat I got from Amazon.

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